Carl Roothman was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Sanlam Private Wealth on 1 August 2018. Prior to this appointment Carl held various senior roles at Sanlam Investments Group including Chief Executive Officer of Sanlam Multi Manager and Chief Executive Officers of Sanlam Investment Retail. Carl joined the Sanlam Investments Group in November 2013 from Absa Wealth.

Carl has a strong financial services background, is highly experienced in the wealth space and has a deep understanding of the needs of individual investors and professional financial advisors.

He previously held the position of Managing Director in the Barclays Capital and Absa Capital divisions of Barclays PLC and as the Head of Coverage for Absa Wealth and acting CEO for two years. He started his career at ABSA bank in 1995, during which time he was granted a two year secondment to Absa Bank London.

Carl returned from Absa Bank London to South Africa in 1999 where he held various deal making and senior leadership roles with Citibank, Investec and RMB Private Bank where he gained extensive investment banking and wealth management experience.

In 1994 Carl was accepted as the 1st South African to attend the LLM in International Banking and Financial Law post graduate programme at Boston University (USA) where he obtained his Master of Law (LLM) in International Banking and Financial Law. He also holds a Bachelor of Law (LLB) and a Baccalaureus Comerica (B.Com Law) from the University of Pretoria.