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What We Do

We focus on getting children to play and learn

TWF is focused on raising champions, both on and off the court. We present a comprehensive tennis development program to 1 600 children at a dedicated tennis facility in Ida’s Valley. Tennis remains an exclusive sport and South Africa is battling to produce competitive players. We aim to change that.

The foundation makes tennis broadly accessible to schools in underserved communities, giving every child a fair chance to participate and excel at the game. When talent is recognized, children are escalated to individual coaching programs, and we offer all the support young players need to be champions. We host a range of tournaments at our Ida’s Valley Tennis Centre, and we offer fun holiday programs and open days to welcome new players.

The children in our program are from disadvantaged backgrounds and are often exposed to social challenges such as substance abuse, financial lack and social neglect The sport of tennis offers children a remarkable opportunity to build resilience and to enjoy the uplifting social environment around the game. Through everything that we do, we focus on the development of leadership and discipline in our young players.


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We teach leadership and discipline

We all love sport, yet thousands of poor children around the world are denied their right to play. Children in low-income communities do not have the opportunity to participate, and TWF is focused on making tennis accessible to children that otherwise would not be able to enjoy the game we all love.

Research shows that children living in poverty are more prone to abusing drugs and alcohol, and engaging in risky sexual behavior, especially when they do not have access to recreational facilities and sports. Most children living in poverty attend school but their parents struggle to afford extracurricular activities such as sport.

We aim to make tennis accessible to junior school children that would otherwise not have been exposed to the sport.


From introduction to future stars

School Tennis

We provide a free tennis development program to 10 participating schools. The program is aimed at building up a talent pool, and to get school teams actively competing in local tournaments and leagues. Tennis is made accessible to children from all economic circumstances and 1 600 children benefit from the program. We offer ongoing school team development, holiday programs and introductory events at schools.

High-Performance Program

Young players with the skill and potential to compete globally are identified and enter a 5 year full-time integrated tennis development program. Our program offers capacity for 6 high potential players aged between 13-14 years old on entry. The program offers tennis coaching, fitness and conditioning, tournament participation (local, regional and international), equipment, education and social support.

Tennis Tournaments

We offer a range of tournaments across all skill and age categories for children.


TWF established a dedicated Tennis Development Centre for children in Ida’s Valley, Stellenbosch in 2021. All development coaching and activities take place at the Centre where we have invested over R1 million to renovate and upgrade the facility.  We have recently acquired a second facility, the Van Der Stel tennis grounds. We aim to develop and establish this facility as a tournament venue.